As the heat kicks in here is what you can do to stay cool

With record setting temperatures predicted for the Los Angeles area (as I write our nest is showing an outside temperature of 113 degrees) we’re all looking for the best ways to stay cool. Here are a handful of suggestions.

  • The best tip I can give you. Get your HVAC system serviced every year! If you have central air there is nothing more upsetting than having it die on you in the middle of a heatwave, at just the time every other HVAC owner is trying to get that emergency appointment too!
  • OK, so your either don’t have central air or it has quit working. First things first keep hydrated. Water can help cool you from the inside and keep in mind that getting dehydrated in hot weather can lead to serious health problems.
  • Fans! These won’t cool you, but moving air will help evaporate sweat and make you feel cooler.
  • Pop some damp washcloths in the fridge. A cool, wet cloth on your head on a hot day can bring instant relief.
  • If you are really struggling with the heat at home you may need to head to a designated cooling center. For the current heatwave Monrovia’s can be found here.

Whatever method you use I hope you stay nice and cool this summer.

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