Do you love design? This podcast may just be for you!

Working in Real Estate kind of means you have to have a bit of an appreciation for design and how it impacts the way we live. As a bit of a design geek (that, by the way, is not the limit to my geekishness by any means) I wanted to share a podcast I’ve grown to love.

99% Invisible is all about design and how it functions in our daily lives. The stories featured in each episode are diverse and always interesting. One episode that struck me recently (link below) focused on the development of air conditioning and how that massively changed building design during the 20th century, moving from passive cooling designs like the craftsman homes that abound in my local market to the more standardized tract style homes that became common in the middle of the last century.

Anyway, if you wish to geek out like me give it a listen. Enjoy!

NOTE: 99% invisible is a production of Radiotopia. This blog is purely a recommendation and does not claim any credit for any 99% invisible content. That awesomeness has nothing to do with me!

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