Monrovia State of the City 2017

Last night Monrovia’s city leadership gave the annual state of the city address. Theater 7 at the Krikorian was packed with Monrovians and distinguished guests from surrounding areas eager to hear how the city is progressing.

Mayor Tom Adams shared the stage with Councilmembers Shevlin, Blackburn, Spicer and Crudgington as each took the chance to highlight different facets of the city’s achievements over the last year. The centerpiece was progress in the $51 million Monrovia Renewal program, which is one year into a five year effort to upgrade water, sewer and paving throughout the city. According to city historian Steve Baker, this is the largest single public works program in our city since 1912. It was recognized that there will be a degree of inconvenience to residents, but that will hopefully be balanced out by significant, long lasting upgrades to infrastructure.

Other highlights included progress with the wilderness preserve to the north of the city, continued efforts to preserve the historic character of our neighborhoods, investments in our emergency response procedures that were put to use during the San Gabriel complex fire last year and continued community engagement through programs like Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) and our new veteran’s resource center.

Mayor Adams did allude to some areas the city had fallen short on at the beginning and end of the presentation, but was a little light on specifics as to what those actually were and how they would be improved upon over the next twelve months. Time will tell how the city will continue to grow and maybe the greater verdict on our progress will come at the ballot box during local elections on April 11.

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